Start Fundraising with Joe Corbi’s Products Today!

FDC is providing dance families an opportunity to raise funds, which will be applied to the student’s individual account, including costumes, recital tickets and more!
You will receive $2.50 per item sold.  If as a studio we sell more than 100 items, the amount received is $4 per item!

This fundraiser, like all FDC fundraisers, is fully optional and dance families can choose to participate or not.

SALES HAVE STARTED!!!! Orders are due by Saturday, April 23rd. Mark your calendar for your product delivery on Thursday, May 19th between 6:00-8:30 pm. Product needs refrigeration!  Prompt pick-up is crucial.  If you cannot pick up product that day, please make arrangements for someone to pick up product. Product that is not picked up by 8:30pm will be donated. Delivery location is Fireworks Dance Center.

Money should be collected when orders are taken and put in the white collection envelope. Make all checks are payable to Fireworks Dance Center. (There is a $40 returned check fee.)

Any questions or comments, please call the studio at (484)-494-8700 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

FDC fundraisers are for your support, so consider participating 🙂

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