Recital Costume & Information Distribution Week!!

Costumes are beginning to arrive!! From Monday, April 4th-Saturday, April 9th, FDC will be having our Recital Costume & Information Distribution Week! This is a VERY important week! We will have shortened instruction for classes with costume distribution.  We ask that a responsible adult attend the last 20-30 minutes of each class where a costume is being distributed. We’ll give instructions on how to assemble the costumes, how to do make-up, and how to properly fix hair and headpieces.

Dancers should be wearing their leotards and tights or bike shorts and tank tops in class this week as per studio dress code.

In addition, your recital packets with all your recital information, rehearsal times, order forms, and handouts will be given out during classes this week. Please do NOT lose this folder, or any of the papers in it!

Please note that while a majority of the costumes have arrived, we are still waiting on some that are on back order. If you do not receive your costume during this week, we will notify you when your costume is in, and you can try the costume on when you pick it up.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MADE YOUR COSTUME PAYMENT! Per our policy, costumes must be paid for before you are allowed to bring them home.  You will try the costume on this week, but we will hold the costume until payment is received, or until a payment plan has been worked out.

IF YOUR DANCER IS NOT IN THE RECITAL – Don’t avoid classes this week!  We know that feelings can be hurt if your dancer doesn’t get to try on a costume this week.  We have plenty of other costumes that your dancer can try on while their friends are trying on recital costumes.  Just let us know in advance and we’ll have a costume to try on.

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