Pre-Register Now for 2019-20 Dance Season – Priority Pre-Registration Ends Friday 6/28

Priority Pre-Registration for 2019-20 Dance Season at Fireworks Dance

Take advantage of this Pre-Registration – Get the CLASSES you want & Receive DISCOUNTS & a GIFT!

FDC Pre-Registration  ends Friday, June 28.
Priority Pre-Registration:   ONE WEEK ONLY (June 22-18)  – NOTE: Strict deadline

  • $25 off September tuition
  • $10 off Summer tuition
  • 20% off dancewear coupon (good until October 15)
  • Free exclusive t-shirt

What is Pre-Registration?
A fantastic opportunity to register now for the next dance season.  You can also put in requests (like a certain day or time) before we make the class schedule.

How much does it cost?
We require a $50 per dancer or $100 per family or multiple class dancer.  If the dance schedule we give you doesn’t work for you, your get a FULL REFUND.

But what if I don’t know what days or times are best yet?  That’s Totally Fine!
Pre-Registering will make sure we hold a place in a class for you.  As as time goes on, if you find out that a particular day or time wouldn’t work for your dance class, just let our office know and we’ll update your form.  Remember, if the classes you’re assigned don’t work for you, you can always switch to another class or receive a full refund of your deposit

Preregister Beginning Saturday.

1) Complete the FDC Pre-Registration Form 2019

List your requests for day/time, etc.

2) Make a $50 or $100 deposit on your Dance Portal. Go to the Classes Tab

3) Email the completed PDF form to [email protected], mail the completed form to FDC, 11 W Winona Ave, Norwood, PA 19076, or drop off the form at the studio.

Over summer, we make a class schedule that works for most everyone.
You will receive an email with your class schedule & pay balance by September 1.

• Of course, while we make every effort, we’re not able to make a class schedule that works for absolutely everyone. But we get as close as we possibly can to the “ideal” schedule.
• If anyone cannot make the class we assign them, they can switch their class to another class time on the schedule that works for them.
• If you still cannot make any class on the schedule, we will fully refund your deposit, making Pre-Registration Completely “no risk.”

One Class: $50
Multi-Class/Family: $100
• Fully Refundable
• Gets applied to registration fee & September tuition
• Balance due Sept. 1

Commonly Asked Questions
• But what if the schedule doesn’t work out for me?
Your refund is fully refundable if you can’t make the class time you’re assigned. You can also switch to another class if that works better too.  There’s no risk to pre-register!

• Can’t I just register in September?
You sure can. But your ideal class time might be closed. Or might be during your religion class or soccer practice.

• I don’t know when gymnastics will be yet, so can I still pre-register?
Of course! As soon as you find out when gymnastics is, give our office a call and we’ll update your form.

• Can I request a teacher?
Sure! We’ll do our best, but we can’t guarantee we can meet that request. We have many factors to consider, including teacher availability.

• I want my daughter in the same class group that she was with this year. She’s grown attached to her friends.
Sounds good! Put that on your pre-registration form and we’ll do our best!

• I don’t care when dance is – I’ll come whenever.
Perfect! You can still pre-register to guarantee your spot in a class. We’ll give you a call with what options you have.

• My son is going through a weird phase where he doesn’t want to come to dance because he’s afraid of the stage at the recital. What if I can’t get him to come in the fall?
No worries, your refund is fully refundable!