FDC’S A Team! (Apprentice Team)

(Formerly known as T.A.P.)

It takes more than being a great dancer to be a great teacher. That is why we have created the A-Team (Teacher Apprentice Team), formerly known as the Teacher Apprentice Program (T.A.P.). The program is for students ages 12+ who have displayed competency in dance technique and are interested in exploring teaching opportunities.

Through this program, students will:

  • Become familiar with classroom structure and lesson planning
  • Learn to teach students through positive feedback and hands-on adjustments
  • Get experience and confidence to successfully teach on their own
  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Provide excellent insight and feedback to studio management for continuously improving FDC
  • Have quality experience to put on their resume

Apprentice Team Requirements

  • Commitment to the program for at least 1 school year
  • The apprentice will be assigned consistent classes to attend each week and assist in
  • The apprentice will keep a journal and make an entry for each class observed/assisted and use it as a workbook for assignments and class prep
  • Attend personalized Apprentice Training Meetings twice a month and complete assignments. The meetings are only about 30 minutes long and are scheduled on a one-on-one basis where we will review journal entries and experiences and talk about the next stage in training
  • Assist at the Spring performance and Community Events
  • Assist with dance studio operations

Teacher Apprentice Application Process & Tuition Discounts

All interested students must apply for the program. Depending on how many applicants we have, not all may get in. Once accepted, the A-Team is a free program and classroom hours where the apprentice is assisting or teaching can be exchanged for discounts towards technique classes for every class assisted.

Download T.A.P. Application Form

Completed A-Team Application Forms are due no later than Monday, October 15, 2017.