Fireworks Dance Center

11 W. Winona Ave in Norwood, PA (just across from the Erin Pub)

We are conveniently located just off Chester Pike (Rte 13) in downtown Norwood, Delaware County.  We are an easy 1 block walk from the Norwood SEPTA Wilmington/Newark regional rail train station.


The “Floating” Professional Dance Floor

One of FDC’s priorities is the health of our dancers, so we have installed professional sprung floors, or “floating” floors. Our “Floating” Dance Floor rests on a system of high density foam to absorb the shock and impact of regular dance movement. This benefits students by reducing fatigue and preventing injury that can result from dancing on hard surfaces. The top layer of our flooring surface is a professional vinyl composite “marley” floor similar to the surfaces used by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, England and shows like Riverdance. This marley floor surface has a certain amount of controlled slip to allow for sliding in dance movement, but is not slippery like common hardwood surfaces or tiles found in many other local dance studios.

Parent Observation

Both of our studios are equipped with one-way mirrors where parents can enjoy watching their children shine in class.  The one-way mirrors allow for parent observation without distracting the children from the material they are learning in class.  All classes are open for observation via the 1-way mirrors.

Waiting Area

FDC offers a waiting area for parents if they wish to stay while their child is taking class. We have homework tables available forstudents who need time for their studies if they come early for class, or have time in between multiple classes. Toys are available to occupy siblings.

Recycling at FDC

FDC cares about the environment, and we believe strongly in the value of recycling. We have multiple blue recycling bins around the studio for collecting our recyclable materials. Please teach your student what materials are recyclable and what items should be placed in the trash.